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Bespoke chairs handcrafted in Denmark

Overgaard and Dyrman are a luxury chair manufacturer based in Denmark. We have formed a unique collaboration with them, featuring the full range of our fabrics on their beautiful circle dining chairs and circle bar stools. 

Delicate Fabric
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Bespoke Chair Designs


Each chair is bespoke and a wide variety of different combinations can be chosen. Below you can find the different options of materials and finishes available.  

Please choose from our range of recycled velvets or 100% linen fabrics. Then choose the species and colour of the wooden handmade chair frames. Finally select what type of metal you would like to use for the chair feet and arm details and what you would like to use for the arm wrap, leather cord or leather wrap. 

Please get in contact to find out more. 

Delicate Fabric
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Delicate Fabric


We work closely with the esteemed Overgaard and Dyrman workshop in Denmark to bring our clients' creations to life.  O+D are recognised worldwide for their iconic chairs and their quality is unrivalled, each chair is hand crafted with time and perfection. 


The materials used are all solid wood and solid brass or metals. 

Because the Circle Chair has been designed as a practical object d’art, it is meant to be viewed and enjoyed from all sides, with each angle offering a unique perspective on the ever-inspiring circle. Key design features of the chair include a trestle-shaped base inspired by the form of a drafting compass, contrasting materials used side by side, multiple customization options, and the choice of optional armrest.

Crafted with both new and traditional techniques, including CNC machinery and traditional wood joinery, the chair possesses a light and elegant expression. Each Circle Chair is uniquely numbered and crafted in Denmark by skilled craftsmen and women – All pieces are made to order.


Delicate Fabric
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