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your hallway is the first place to welcome you when you get home...

you can afford to be bolder and braver when it comes to selecting the colour for your entrance because you spend much less time in the space compared to other rooms. Opting for a darker feel will make every room leading off it feel larger and brighter. 

Hallway design...

grand gestures in the small details...


Creating a dark suductive entrance way, as we can take advantage of the large windows which allows light to flood in and bounce off modern tiles, which have textures and colours that compliment aspects of the scheme through out.

Grand entryway painted in Blue
Dark blue entryway
Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 15.54.41.png
Back hall 1.jpg

In the entrance, all woodwork will be Blue 07 eggshell for a slight definition against the matt paint, giving a modern feel. This is then  carried on through in to the back hallway. 

Harlequin in situ .jpeg

Bold design flowing up and over to create small moments of interest & excitement as you pass through.

Transverse By Harlequin In Ink

We love the idea of repurposing floorboards from the entrance in the hallways.

Add wood accents in new handles and unique radiators

tina flat lay.jpg

All beams throughout to be painted Black 02.


Complimenting the black of the Steel Nouveau doors.

Create light but cosy passageways by using white 02 or white o6 on all walls throughout the adjoining hallways leading you up to the landing.

White 02.jpg
Entrance 2.jpg

and sourcing a second hand chandelier from an auction to suit the scheme.

In the main hallway, we suggest adding wall lights to create ambience.


to create depth in the main hallway install 3/4 paneling which mimic the style of the cupboards in the entrance way. 

Hallway 1.jpg

Following this theme through by choosing bold and strong shapes in your decor, like these beautiful hand blown lamps from Heathfield & Co 


Get the pair for a visually striking combination


mixing the old and the new, make for a perfect and personal look!
so put down this stunning hand carved & knotted tati rug to add some softness to the space.

Upstiars 6.jpg

Moving on up the stairs, have the paneling wrap around on to the first level.
using the same mid grey to follow on from downstairs on all woodwork including the banisters.

Upstairs 1_edited.jpg
Upstairs 2.jpg

To Link the spaces together use the same textures and wallpapers but in different ways

Fabric for chair .jpeg

use Transverse By Harlequin for feature wall but in Marble.
also creating an interesting focal point from stairs.

Create gallery walls linking colours to your scheme. 

Artwork from Desino

Upstairs 3.jpg