your hallway is the first place to welcome you when you get home...

you can afford to be bolder and braver when it comes to selecting the colour for your entrance because you spend much less time in the space compared to other rooms. Opting for a darker feel will make every room leading off it feel larger and brighter. 

Hallway design...

grand gestures in the small details...


I really like the dark to light idea here. The entrance being a dramatic dark space with its lovely vaulted ceiling, beams in a dark chocolate stain. 

A light coloured tile floor either modern or traditional. 

Then leading off the dark seductive entrance, through black framed glass doors, you find light and welcoming hallways with pale blue walls contrasted by warm flooring and pops of colour in our furniture design.

steel nouveau internal glass doors. Quote £3500. 


floor tiles

Ive ordered you a sample of the tiles below along with a sample of the wooden slatted acoustic panels (I talk about these below)


As the stairs are quite confined, the interest should be on the floor, using a dramatic stair runner keeps focus on the feet and painting the walls and ceilings in the same light colour as the lower hallway will lift the space and create a sense of room. 

The stairs should be a journey to the top of the landing where the wooden panelling is the main feature, complimenting the traditional beam with a modern twist. 

A runner gives a much more elaborate feel to the stairs than a full carpet approach and the gold carpet pins add highlights and again a nice contrast between traditional and modern. 


there is also the option of adding wooden panelling to this section of the wall. At the moment it is an awkward bit of funny shaped wall that doesn't read on from the banister and has no hand rail to link it etc. 

Wooden panelling would join the staircase to this bottom flight of stairs. 


For the back hallway, I think we can go a little bolder. 

The tall arching ceiling is wonderful and I think it needs to be highlighted by a crazy wallpaper. 

The lights are lovely and we vote to keep them throughout. 

The crazy wallpaper would sit on the arching wall so it is not visible from the entranceway. The flat wall would be the same pale blue as the rest of the hallways. 

For the wallpaper, you could either go very bold and graphic modern or down a more natural path with tall stretching trees that envelop you in the space. 

Im personally leaning towards graphic modern. 

(see below)

We are also toying with the idea of having black doors and black woodwork throughout to compliment the glass doors and carry the entire scheme through. Might be a little dark. Wood would be best but stripping all the doors would be a right pain!