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Magistr of Magic Collection

Patience & Gough + Yevheniia Vynokurova 



Patience & Gough are proud to announce the launch of their first ‘Artist Connection’ series — Magistr of Magic — a collaboration between the studio and Ukrainian artist, Yevheniia Vynokurova. Yevheniia’s whimsical art which captures a spirit of fun within her detailed illustrations, has been married with Patience & Gough’s love of classic William Morris patterns and opulent chinoiserie to become a vibrant set of three designs — Tora, Panthera, and Penrose Prowl.

The ‘Magistr of Magic’ collection launches with a textile range and bespoke dining chair series. Tora Colourways - Ash, Pistachio, and Roisin. Panthera Colourways - Cardinal, Cobalt, Prussian, Copper, Champagne, Royal, and Savoy. Penrose Prowl Colourways –  Bauhaus, Coral, Jura and Naked.  

 Tora Fabric — Roisin.


Starting from £165 per metre. Printed to order in England, the three designs are available on 100% natural linen and sumptuous recycled velvet (made from recycled bottles) echoing Patience & Gough’s ethos of reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Reducing waste & promoting a circular economy.

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Panthera Chairs

A series of bespoke numbered Panthera Circle Dining chairs commissioned by Patience & Gough from Overgaard & Dyrman, on behalf of a private client, sees the beauty of the recycled velvet fabric showcased to its finest level within the chair’s perfect geometry of circles, graceful arcs and elegant simplicity. Further commissions are welcomed. (£4,230 each).

Find us at London
Design Week '24.

Elements of the ‘Magistr of Magic’ will also be taken onto a luxury furniture range launching at London Design Week 2024. Further details to be announced. Sign up to our newsletter for updates.


project. As a gifted Ukrainian artist, who is now displaced in Barcelona, we initially discovered her captivating artwork through the unlikely world of NFTs and block chain technology. The resulting collaboration of ideas in the Magistr of Magic collection (named after Yevheniia’s social media), underscores our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge practices into our traditional craft arena, allowing us to showcase the beauty of Yevheniia’s artwork

The Artist Connection:

Magistr of Magic marks the launch of ‘The ArtistConnection’ series. Patience & Gough’s commitment to,and artistic connection with, artists and inspirers fromsectors that normally would not be seen in the interiorsworld.

Of the series and the collection Alice Patience & Oliver Gough say: “We are immensely proud to be partnering with Yevheniia on our first ‘Artist Connection’

and our innovative fabric production methods in a new light. It’s an opportunity for our clients to bring the distinctive aesthetic of the Patience & Gough studio into their homes in a novel way. The ‘Artist Connection’ series allows us to support talented artists, such as Yevheniia, transforming their artwork into a commercial product, they wouldn't normally be associated with. 10% of all sales go directly to the artist".

Inspiration behind Magistr of Magic

Artist Yevheniia Vynokurova says of her designs, “I’ve come a very short way as an artist, but I feel the importance of my mission to create something incredible and beautiful, because it makes me happy that people can smile when they look at my illustrations. Why did I choose tigers for this collection? The tiger is a symbol of energy, strength, as well as a symbol of good luck and beauty. Inspired by Eastern mythology, I imagined the essence of these animals and by drawing the tigers I started a dialogue with myself, and with many others, for whom my tigers have become a talisman.”

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Environmental responsibility as evidenced by their furniture restoration and the re-envisioning of antique pieces is at the core of P&G’s ethos. The Artist Connection, marked with the launch of the Magistr of Magic fabric collection and bespoke dining chairs, sees the introduction of textiles printed on material sourced from recycled plastic bottles, echoing the duo’s commitment.

A sustainable furniture collection, due to launch March 2024 in collaboration with Shamsian Ltd, an Oman based furniture manufacturer known for its work in the luxury furniture sector, will see the design studio head to the next level of being the pioneers of sustainable luxury.

About Patience & Gough

Originally starting as an innovative venture into luxurious furniture recycling utilising antique furniture, their flair and meticulous attention to detail to each project has seen their work being stocked in prestigious stores such as Liberty, and private commissions embracing the distinctive P&G style.

P&G has evolved to become a comprehensive, truly personalised, interior design service, offering full project design and project management. As of July 2023 they are currently involved in the transformation of a seven-bedroom manor house in the Lake District, giving it a complete, and lavish, Patience & Gough redesign both inside and out.

Patience & Gough is a design duo based in the Lake District, with a studio situated in the heart of Windermere. A partnership of Alice Patience and Oliver Gough, P&G bridges the gap between art, interiors and furniture design.

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