Upcycled Mid Century Teak Chest Of Drawers, Blue, Geometric, Fabric Drawers, Bedroom Storage, Bedroom Renovation, Storage

50's Teak Chest Of Drawers With A Modern Twist

This was a collaboration between Patience & Gough. We decided to work together on this fantasic mid century teak chest of drawers and wanted to give it a modern twist so have used a mixture of fabric and paint details. 
The fabric drawers and the flawless paintwork was done by Alice (patience) and the geometric line design and sanding was done by Ollie (gough). A Lot of time and consideration went in to creating this piece, so that every element compliments each other.
The fabric is an Ikea fabric which we thought would compliments Ollies line work and contrast well against the wood tones all these details work perfectly with the clean shape of this piece.
We used a bright but deep blue to make the piece pop against the teak grain and have kept original handles and feet to keep the originality of the piece. 

  • Height - 100.3 cm
    Width - 71.4 cm
    Depth - 42 cm