Vintage Carved Solid Oak Sideboard/Buffet, Restored And Painted In A Lush Green With Boeme Velvet Details, Created in The UK.

Secret Garden Painted Oak Sideboard

This stunning solid oak carved sideboard is the second piece in our Boeme collaboration range! 


This piece was designed with hallways in mind. That fleeting transition between doorways, that journey from one space to another, made all the more magical by a delightful pop of colour.

With vivid Boeme fabric covering each side to catch your eye as you pass, this is the perfect understated statement piece.


When we came across this piece we knew the exact vibrant fabric to suit! "Gardenia" a lush velvet with a beautiful garden scene made from mark-making. And with the ever-growing urge to be outside and amongst nature, we wanted to create a piece that would give you that same feeling of happiness and mindfulness, even on the greyest English winter day!


We were inspired to choose a section of the fabric, which we feel mimics the colours and shapes from our favourite "sausage dog friendly" bike ride, an idyllic ride with a crystal clear stream surrounded by huge trees. Carpeted with bluebells and engulfed with the tallest purple foxgloves, the lush greens with pops of vivid purple also gave us inspiration choosing Green 05 as the main colour of this piece and acting as a softer frame for the velvet stand out against. 


We needed to source new handles as most of the originals were broken, so we choose carefully and found some to complement the fluted drawer fronts. 


The name of this piece "Secret Garden" didn't only come from the unique motifs & carvings but from, and we only found this hidden gem once we looked closer, its secret drawer! Which we have lined with Boeme velvet. This could be used for your best sliver, favourite jewellery or important documents! 


Along with this it also has 2 deep drawers, 2 cupboards one with a shelf and one housing a divided compartment to either store wine, oils, or even your socks! There is ample storage for this piece to be used in any room. 


Created by Patience & Gough

  • Height - 93.2cm - 105.2cm
    Depth -  53cm
    Width - 152.2cm