Large 1960's  mid-century teak sideboard designed by Beithcraft, Hallway & Living room storage, Tv/media unit, Made in the UK

Beithcraft Sideboard


A very rare mid-century sideboard by iconic Scottish furniture maker, Beithcraft. 


One of the most famous furniture manufacturers in Scotland for a long time, Beithcraft were renowned for their high-quality pieces. The sideboard features very complicated solid wood legs, as well as beautifully shaped, distinctive, handles that give this piece its unique aesthetic. 


The design of this stunning sideboard is very heavily influenced by the Danish furniture designers of this period. The organic shaping to the base is truly what makes the sideboard so unique and special. 


Beithcraft finally closed its doors in 1983, due to the economic downturn and the inability to compete with self-assembly furniture firms. With their closure came the end of a historic furniture maker and from here, the finite supply of their work grew the legacy and reputation of Beithcraft furniture.


You can purchase this sideboard as it is, or we are offering to restore it, stripping back the original varnish to remove imperfections and re-oiling and fabric of your choice in the cutlery drawer. This is an added cost of £1000.


If you like the piece but would like it re-finished in a Pateicne & Gough style, then please contact us to discuss further. 


  • Height - 77cm

    Width - 183cm

    Depth - 47cm