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18th century walnut chest of drawers that has been restored.

18th Century Blackthorn Chest


The 4th and final piece for our clients bedroom suit, is this absolutly stunnig 18th century walnut chest. 


There was quite abit of ageing and damage to this piece and after doing a number of mock-ups with paint and fabric, we decided to keep as much of the beautiful wood as possible. Once we got oil on, the piece really came to life and the damage just became part of its charicter.


Saying this, to be able to keep the top natrual we had to get creative as there was subsatinal damge around the edge. To hide this we routed it out and then in layed strips of brass wich we polished to complement the origanal hearware though out the piece, adding a sublte deatil to bring this piece into the 21st cnentury but not to dictract from it's history. 


Adding the fabric to the bottom drawers is just enough to tie in nicely with the other 3 bedroom piece, Painting the inside with the same Green 06 and lining the drawers with panles covered in a soft fabric, not only helps suport them but gives it a luxouirs finish. 


We are extremely pleased and proud with how this project has turned out, we were also given the enjoybale job of designing the scheme, of the bedroom these pieces were to go in it, vitst our interiors section to see how this turned out. 


  • Dimensions

    Height - 84cm

    Width - 113cm


  • Materials

    Walnut, Oil, Paint, Fabric, Varnish, Brass.

  • Delivery

    For delivery on commission piece's, we would need your postcode to find you the best quote, usually around £56-£75 depending on the size of the piece. 

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