Antique bedside table & carved headboard

Blackthorn Side table & Headboard

These two are part of a bedroom suite commissioned by one of our clients.

Communication is key, batting ideas around to source and create their vision has been extremely enjoyable.


The brief was for a 4 piece set using the same design as our previous "Blackthorn sideboard" we had in Liberty's. We came to the decision to have this design running through parts of the piece's to keep them all unique but still complementing one another without overpowering the room.


The little side table has been hand sanded then painted all over in Green 06, a dark dramatic green to complete the blackthorn fabric panel, we have created to sit in the back self, subtly carrying on the theme of the design throughout the pieces. 


We were drawn to the unique shape and carvings of this piece so we decided to enhance these. The wooden drawer, which we sanded down the raised edge for a contemporary look to create a two-tone effect,  adding more character to this beautiful piece. Depicting the carvings, by painting it all over createing a classic piece with a modern twist.


The vintage mahogany and oak headboard has been loveling restored with elbow grease and newly carved finials at either side, sanded down to fit the original fittings. The natural wood and shape will complement the classic style of the full suite, while also adding different texture and levels to the room. 


Created by Patience & Gough

  • Side table

    Height - 67cm
    Depth -28.7cm
    Width - 37cm



    Fits a double bed