Unique Mid Century Oak Dining Set Seats 6, Upcycled & Painted Blue Green Grey, Epoxy Finish, Velvet Fabric, Dark Oak Chairs

Boeme Ink Dinning Set

This was one of the largest ink and reupholstery projects we have taken on and we are so proud of what we have produced.


The original dinning set is from the 50s and we instantly fell in love with the organic shape of the wooden chair frames and the beautiful grain in the round tabletop.


We took a long time to choose a fabric to reupholster the chair cushions and in the end we recovered them in a beautiful velvet from Boeme. They produce incredibly luxurious velvets and we thought it would be the perfect fit with the dark stained wooden frames of the chairs.


To compliment Boemes natural pattern design, we decided to use our new ink technique for the table top. Usually this technique is for much smaller projects so it was a logistical challenge applying it on such a large area, but once complete it is so effective.


We think it compliments the fabric perfectly and we really love the contrast between the design and the natural grain of the wood.


The whole table has been finished in a hard wearing epoxy resin. This is poured on and once the three day drying time is complete it stays ultra hard and scratch resistant. To achieve the glass like finish it takes 4 complete days of sanding and polishing.


The whole project took a lot of work to complete and we couldn’t be happier with the finished result.


This dinning table would make the perfect statement in any dinning room.


Created by Patience & Gough

  • Table 

    Diameter - 132.5cm

    Height - 72.5cm


    Height - 79cm

    Depth - 40cm

    Width - 52.8cm