Early 19th century oak carved sideboard available in Liberty London, Painted in Green 05 with Orient fabric details
  • Carved Green Avalana Sideboard

    This piece is available to view and purchase at Liberty London.

    Price - £2,295.

    You can also purchase by phone or email, for more information contact Giovanni.

    GConte@libertylondon.com or call 020 7734 1234 and ask for the furniture department. 


    For this range, which we have created for Liberty London, we wanted each piece to be unique and elegant. Choosing early 19th century pieces for their beautiful natural shapes, curved lines and original carvings. We used leafy, natural tones in our paint and fabric in order to “bring the outside in”. In times like this, it is so important to connect with nature and bring it into our homes, provoking calmness and creativity.


    This intricately carved sideboard is likely to be around 100 years old. When we came across it in the back of an old house, we knew there would be a lot of restoration involved. After a lot of hard work, we have transformed what was a beautiful, but dilapidated and damaged piece of furniture, back to its former glory.   

    Using "Orient by Avalana" fabric mural to accent the drawers, we choose to scale down the mural design for this piece so it would complement the original carvings. Focusing on the delicately painted trees in the background of this mural, it has so much unnoticed detail and the more you look the more you find. 

    Inside the sideboard, we found an old cutlery tray, also in need of some restoration. We chose to refurbish this in the same style, sanding, repairing and re-oiling it before adding a new base covered in the same fabric.

    Ah we love green and this green is divine! It really screams William Morris! It's the perfect shade of olive which in the light turns to a lush leafy green and follows on from the golden greens in the fabric, this piece perfect for an eclectic home and someone who isn't afraid of showing off their style. 


    Created by Patience & Gough

    • Materials

      Oak, Paint, Wood stain, Oil, Varnish 

    • Dimensions

      Height -91.5cm
      Depth - 46cm
      Width - 150cm

    • Delivery

      Please contact Liberty London to discuss purchase and delivery.