Oak Carved Sideboard, Painted Blue Sideboard, Pale Wood Top, Upcycled Furniture, Chalk Paint

Florence Oak Sideboard

This beautiful oak, hand carved sideboard has been transformed! It started life as a very dark gothic piece, but it now has an altogether softer feel, brightening its features with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax.

The colours I used are Florence and Aubusson blue, using a new brush technique by blending the paint with a tiny brush. This enabled me to create different tones throughout the piece. I'm in love with colour this has created! The wooden top, which I have fine sanded and waxed, has really come to life as well.

I'm especially fond of the lower bar and it's carvings. There is so much detail in this piece, before, when it was dark, it was almost overwhelming, but now in its new colours it has such a fresh summery feel, I’m sure it would bring joy to any home! I kept the original cast iron handles and these really “pop” against the blue.

As this sideboard is long but narrow in width, its perfect for a hallway or corridor, but would equally be at home in the rest of the house.



  • Height - 80cm
    Width - 187cm 
    Depth - 42.8cm