Refurbished G-plan Chest of Drawers, Painted Yellow & Grey, With Teak Details, Animal Fabric, Clarke & Clarke, Modern, Low

Kingdom G-plan Chest Of Drawers

G-plan furniture in one of my favourite designs! So for this piece I wanted to keep with the subtle design by using simple colours such as grey and yellow. They are a great contrast against the teak wood grain.


I wanted to add a little detail to the piece so chose to use "kingdom" fabric by Andrew Martin on the top drawer. It lifts the piece and makes it a little special. I just love the abstract African animal print and find my self spotting different species every time I look. 


As I loved the original handles, even tho a little worn, I think that keeps the history of the piece I haven't changed them. Also repainted the legs as they where pretty scuffed. Now the almost creature like legs plant the piece to the floor. 

  • Height - 79 cm
    Width - 96.2 cm
    Depth - 46.9 cm