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Kruger Side Tables

Looking to add some whimsy to your room, then look no further with these two midcentury side tables. 


Updating them with a dramatic but relaxing black blue "Railings" from F&B. Then pairing this with Emma Shipley's fabric "Kruger" featuring a pair of spotted giraffes amongst butterflies, hummingbirds and winding foliage. As a Giraffe lover I couldn't but use this fabric! 


I have dark stained and oiled the legs to weigh the pieces down and cleaned up the original handles as they are so beautiful I wanted to keep them. 


The fabric has had 2 coats of varnish added to make it durable.


The price £800 is for the pair but if you are only interested in one then the price is £450. Please contact us so we can adjust this before placing an order.


Created by Alice Patience

  • Height - 65cm

    Width - 64cm

    Depth - 39cm