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Mid-century sideboard with blue & white geometric design running along the top.

Mid-century Fermoie Sideboard


This has to be our most sustainable piece we have re-finished to date!

We have used a stunning print from Fermoie, "Savernake" which complements the design of this piece so as well the leafy pattern is inspired by a 19th-century romantic visionary tradition which was then revived in mid-century printmaking. 

The texture of the linen has added another level and depth to the piece, which is made from the flax plant and farmed just a few hundred miles from their factory, this raw material is one of the most sustainably farmed materials you can find, receiving no additional irrigation as rainwater is sufficient to grow it. None of the plant is wasted and is fully biodegradable, plus they have a beautiful range created with natural colours and non-harmful materials.

To complement the fabric we have added a hand-painted deconstructed design of the different elements within the print, using Graphenstone paint.

Their paints are super ecological! From the way it is produced with renewable energy, to its recycled packaging! The paint its self has 0% VOC and literally sucks in Co2 from the atmosphere! In fact, 15 litres of this paint can remove as much Co2 as an adult tree.
We love their very natural feeling colour palette, each colour has a calmness to it, complimenting the fabric perfectly.

  • Dimensions

    Height - 79.5cm

    Width - 191.8cm

    Depth - 44.5cm

  • Materials

    Teak, Linen, Paint, Varnish, Oil

  • Delivery

    For delivery on commission piece's, we would need your postcode to find you the best quote, usually around £56-£75 depending on the size of the piece.

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