Beautiful & bespoke mahogany cabinet designed by Patience & Gough in cumbria

Music Room Cabinet

Our client asked us to create a storage solution to house her sheet piano music along with a media player. The sheet music is heavy so we sourced a piece with strong foundations and heritage worthy of a piano room. The scheme of the interior was "everything white" so we started with a white body and built from there.


This is a George the III linen cabinet and due to its age, there was a great deal of restoration work that went into getting the body back to a stable condition, ready to paint. The work really paid off though as bringing a pecie like this, wkith so much history, back to life is always so meaningful. 


The mahogany drawers have been painstakingly sanded and oiled and match the door to the music room perfectly. We then complimented the white body with a traditional William Morris fabric to be inkeeping with the period of the house and the cabinet. 

Buster and Punch handles add the finishing touches to the exterior of the drawers and bring with them a sense of moderninity. 

  • Height - 208cm

    Width - 119cm

    Depth - 59cm