Pale blue painted linen cabinet with fabric side panels featuring a red & blue floral design.

Dusky Blue Cote D'Azur Linen Cabinet

We have revived this unique carved linen cabinet from what was a somewhat gothic piece into a sophisticated, delicate statement piece.


Using "Cote D'Azur Floral Poppy" linen by Ralph Lauren and its stunning Jacobean floral design complementing the intricate carvings on the piece which are bought to life, with a custom mixed soft pale blue, which has a slight yellow undertone to give it a warmer feel.


Painting the piece in one colour allows this piece to sit comfortably in both contemporary and classic interiors.


This cabinet has ample storage including the original drop-down leaded glass cupboard at the base.


If you would prefer a shelf added to the main area for your specific storage needs, we can do this at no added cost, unless you require a glass one so as not to disturb the fabric panel at the back of the piece, then all we ask for is the cost price of the glass being made.


Created by Patience & Gough

  • Height - 107cm

    Width - 83.3cm

    Depth - 48cm