Smallbone of Devizes dressing table re-finished in soft teal ombre blending into white.

Smallbone Dressing Table

Our client asked us to revamp her Smallbone of Devizes dressing table, which we have to say was a dream to work on! 


She already has an existing ombre sideboard of ours and she says the view when walking downstairs through into the dinning kitchen area gives her so much joy, she wanted to recreate this feeling when walking into her bedroom.   


As the piece doesn't have any original natural wood details, we couldn't recreate our normal ombre and wood contrast design, but instead opted for a soft ombre to then blend up into the white creating an elegant, calming piece perfect for the bedroom environment. 


We polished up the silver details and painted the stool in a dark teal so it would lose its self within the main ombre and recovered the seat a beautiful rich-toned velvet from Linwood to match her existing soft furnishings but also complement the dark teal. 


We love this transformation and love that we can bring people joy with the things we create! 


  • Birch, MDF, Paint, Varnish, Velvet, Silver, Mother of pearl. 

  • For delivery on commission piece's, we would need your postcode to find you the best quote, usually around £65-£95 depending on the size of the piece.