Unique upcycled midcentury teak sideboard hand painted geometric design in pink blue & green, Sustainable storage in uk

Strawberry Ice-cream Sideboard

We know its a ridiculous name for a sideboard, but I couldn’t find a better way of describing the colour of this pink I mixed. Its such a happy piece of furniture, really brings a smile to my face whenever I pass it, reminding me of strawberries and summer. The pink tones mix perfectly with the subtle turquoise, olive grey and muddy green accents. 


The pattern is hand painted by Ollie, using masking tape for the straight lines and a steady hand for the circles. The technique is time consuming and took days to complete. 


The handles are original and have been re-sanded and oiled along with the legs, bringing out the grain and adding accents of wood throughout the peice. To protect the sideboard we have waxed it with a hard wearing wax.


Created by Ollie Gough

  • Height - 69.5cm

    Width - 125.5cm

    Depth - 41.6cm