Victorian Blackthorn Sideboard

Victorian Blackthorn Sideboard


We were commissioned to transform this lovely Victorian sideboard by a client.


We worked closely with them, choosing colour, fabric and guiding them towards a final design that would fit into their lovely hallway.

We are so pleased with how this piece has turned out and love all the original details we were able to enhance. 


Ollie decided to restore and oil the simple but beautiful edgings on this piece, to create a contrast against the royal green, we have kept wood accents throughout the piece tying every element together. 


Using a Willam Morris fabric "blackthorn" on the drawers and replaced the old broken mirror with a fabric panel, working perfectly creating reflective symmetry. 


If you would like us o help you achieve a vision of your own, please feel free to contact us. 


Created by Patience & Gough

  • Height - 104cm
    Depth - 54cm
    Width - 99.5cm