1920's Walnut Tallboy,Walnut Cupboard,Storage Unit,Bedroom Storage,Upcycled Furniture,Painted, Blue Ombre,Vintage,1920

Walnut Ombre Tallboy

This piece was available to view and purchase at Liberty London.

Price - £1595

You can also purchase by phone or email, for more information contact Giovanni.

GConte@libertylondon.com or call 020 7734 1234 and ask for the furniture department. 


When we got our hands on this tallboy its was covered in a thick orange varnish, you could barely make out the grain beneath it. It was a long but delightful process fine sanding the varnish off to reveal the beautiful walnut grain underneath.


I chose to paint it with an Ombre, using only upward brush stroke, I have blended 4 colours in a gradual fade. The contrast of the rich walnut and the light blue reminds me of a coastline from above.


It’s a very special piece and hugely calming to have in a bedroom. Inside there are the original shelving labels from when it was produced, around the 1920’s. There is also a pull out clothes hanger for shirts and suits or short dresses. The inside has been painted in a warm white eggshell.


Created by Ollie Gough

  • Height - 121.8cm
    Depth - 45.2cm
    Width - 83.5cm