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Panthera Sideboard

Hand-laid marquetry on each tambour door slat reveals a stunning display of skill, laying the intricate pattern across hundreds of pieces, all smoothly moving on metal bearings for durability and ease. This masterpiece sets a new standard for luxury and craftsmanship in fine furniture.






Opal Sycamore


Bamboo, Eco-Wud, Steel


Dyed Veneer,  Lacquer


Tulip, Figured Sycamore, Figured Eucalyptus, Madrona Burl, Mother of Pearl

This is the Panthera Sideboard.


With its distinctive design, quality materials, and commanding presence, the Panthera Sideboard can guide the visual flow of the room, being the statement piece your home has always needed, making diverse elements feel intentionally curated and cohesive.

It’s crafted to be cherished and handed down through generations, embodying a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious legacy.


Crafted from innovative materials, it stands as a symbol of luxury that doesn't cost the earth. This considered choice not only enhances the aesthetic and functional harmony of your space but also positions the sideboard as a meaningful heirloom.

Where Elegance unfolds...

Delicate Fabric

The soul of the Shokunin Collection lies in its artistry, brought to life by the esteemed Shamsian workshop in Oman. As the chief joinery provider for the Sultan of Oman, Shamsian commands respect in the global arena for its exceptional quality and unmatched skills in both marquetry and joinery. The workshop's precision and artistry are evident in several renowned landmarks throughout Oman, as well as in their contributions to the luxury interiors of super yachts and private jets. Shamsian's commitment to excellence is a testament to the enduring legacy and undeniable skill embedded in every piece of the Shokunin Collection.

Bespoke Finishes


Make Your Mark

Our furniture is your blank canvas, ready for customization. We welcome collaboration, inviting your ideas to shape the perfect piece that reflects your style. From colour choices to unique designs, make your furniture a personalized statement with us. Let's create together – where your vision meets our craftsmanship.


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