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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Dark, bold, welcoming.

Dark entry way with a mix of traditional & modern style

Good interior design should feel effortless when moving from one space to another.

We designed this hallway for a client of ours. A vaulted height entrance hall leads onto a long hallway and stairway. Dividing the two spaces to create two symbiotic styles that work in unison.

View looking through steal glass doors into a hallway

Black steel glass doors add an architectural feature that also serves a purpose

The hallway was drafty and cold, heat escaped from the large entranceway and sucked the warmth out of the rest of the house. By adding a double glazed glass door to separate the spaces it shuts out the draft without compromising the beautiful natural light.

We base our interior design around our bespoke furniture designs

For this hallway, we started by sourcing two beautiful antique pieces of furniture. We worked with the client to come up with two complimentary schemes that would sit in both areas. Once the designs for the furniture were settled on we could build the hallway around them.

The beautiful walnut sideboard was chosen to sit in the long hallway, creating a special moment of interest when travelling through the space. Surrounding it is a paler colour scheme to suit the fabric on the front of the sideboard. We chose reading room light fittings, wooden panelling and artisan table lamps to complete this look.

The black walnut tallboy was picked to sit perfectly in the small space next to the window in the entranceway. Its dark wood is complimented by the dark blue walls and ceiling. Soft luxury velvet on the bottom drawers adds another texture to this useful storage.

Bold patterns in the right place

Using bold wallpapers can be daunting but they can be so effective if used in a subtle way. We added this wallpaper to the side of the wall that isn't in view from the entranceway. This keeps the entrance calm and luxurious, saving an exciting journey for the viewer as they travel through the various spaces.

Busy patterns can be stressful when incorporated into everyday living spaces like a kitchen or lounge. Keep bold patterns for small spaces that are only used for short periods of time like bathrooms and hallways. Rather than being stressful, they will add a sense of liveliness as you journey through them and make your calmer living spaces feel more relaxing once you reach them!

Use artwork that compliments your colour choices or contrasts against them!

Artwork is so important in a home, for some it is so personal, a collection they have built over their entire lives from artists they have connected with on a deep and meaningful level. For others, it is a simple way to add patterns and colours within small spaces that's can be easily removed or changed, perfect for the indecisive! There are some really great sources to find inexpensive artwork online. Find a style that resonates with you and carefully plan where to put it on your bare walls. Hallways are the perfect place to experiment with placement and design combinations because you get to look at them in different moods and lights when you enter and exit your building.

For more interior design tips and tricks or to get in touch to discuss an interior project you would like us to work on, get in touch via the contact form on our website.

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