e offer an Interior Design service to                             compliment our hand-made furniture. By incorporating fabric into our furniture, it allows us to tie in pieces to existing room decor, or redesign the space entirely.

Inspired by the individuals we design for, Patience & Gough has extensive experience across a variety of interior styles. Clients relish receiving early glimpses into their finished home through the CGI models built by our design team. These are presented with each new phase in the programme and renders of any angle and layout of the room can be explored. 

"Inspired by the individuals we design for"

We don’t have a house style, because it’s our belief that a luxury interior is only achieved when it’s made bespoke to those who have inspired it. 

The process begins with an initial consultation focused on an exchange of ideas, needs, scope and aspirations, discussion about budget, and an explanation of our services and the stages of the process.

Once the project scope has been agreed our team starts the design process. Building a "to scale" 3D model of the room, pulling together textures and material options as well as sourcing decor, furniture and art based on the budget.


Wallpaper and fabric samples and wall colours will be ordered and sent to the client so they can be seen in the space. Lighting, furnishings, joinery and finishes will all be discussed with the client before a final design is put forward in the form of photo-realistic 3D renders.  

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Ink Mark
Kitchen Interior Design room shot
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Kitchen Interior Design room shot
Grunge Stain
Kitchen Interior Design room shot
Grey Circle