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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The ultimate soft velvet interior.

We created a matching pair of cabinets so they could sit either side of a fireplace, sofa or bed. Adding balance to a room by mirroring one-another.

2 painted display cabinets featuring a colourful fabric lined interior

We love adding bold fabrics and patterns into the back of glass fronted cabinets as it really draws the eye into the piece whilst not overwhelming a room.

Antique Quality - Modern Design

So often our clients and friends complain about the quality and lifespan of modern furniture. Mass produced products are built to fail after a year or two so that the consumer is forced to keep buying replacements, this built in design flaw is know as planned obsolescence and it is a huge unspoken problem in the modern world. Through poor manufacturing techniques and cheap unsustainable material use, the furniture industry contributes its fair share to the loss of 18.7 million acres of forest each year. This, along with the huge amounts of waste from broken furniture means the industry is largely unsustainable.

In comparison, Antique furniture was built to last. Handmade with skill and craftsmanship and designed to last several generations. The exact opposite of the manufacturing processes widely used today.

Usually pieces we work on are between 50 and 300 years old! With solid wood construction and features like dovetailed drawers, they are sturdily built and ready to last another generation. The beauty of working with antiques is that they give us such a solid base to build on. Applying modern design to a well made body so that the traditional quality can be moulded into a modern home interior.

Having a vision, seeing is believing...

Most of the furniture that we work on starts life off as a very dark brown, varnished eye-sore. The trouble with old furniture is that the sought after style back in the day was dark brown, it was all the rage. Today interiors cry out for raw materials, natural tones or bold colourful statements. Being able to see past the dark brown exterior and recognise the potential underneath is an important skill. Having a vision for a piece and carrying it through to a premium quality product has taken years of product research, technique development and unadulterated practice!

Beautiful modern drinks cabinet with glass panelled doors

Have a watch of this short promo video we made for this bespoke drinks cabinet...

Available Now

Head to our Shop Page to check out all the details, dimensions and materials used in these drinks cabinets. We offer free delivery UK wide!

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