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Boldly Vibrant

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Be playful with your interiors.

I had an overwhelming urge to create 2 pieces that would make you smile as you walked by them and bring a playful charm into a home.

Bright green hallway console table

By using primary-like colours with a subtle softness...

Finished with a satin varnish, introducing reflections and a beautiful shine to catch in the light. Pops of colour drawing your eye through your doorways or down your hallways creates fluidity within your home.

My inspiration..

I also wanted these pieces to allow YOU to experiment with colour in your homes.

Don't be afraid of colour.

When used in the right way even vibrant colours can be relaxing, peaceful and joy-inducing!

Introduce furnishings around your home that will pop out against your walls, creating bright colourful spaces that make you smile.

Available Now

Head to our Shop Page to check out all the details, dimensions and materials used in these drinks cabinets. We offer free delivery UK wide!

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