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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Slate veneers imported from India, bringing a fresh take on mid-century furniture.

We are constantly on the look out for new materials which can provide us with chances to incorporate fresh ideas into our furniture designs. We first came across stone veneers at the 100% Design Show in London when we were down in the big city exhibiting our furniture. Back then the veneers were very new, very expensive and really were not that well known. Since then times have changed and the price has come down to a usable level and the creativity and techniques in using this new and exciting product have flourished.

Upcycled Mid-century teak chest of drawers

Natural tone come from the real stone used to make these 1mm thick veneer sheets.

The process to create these sheets of real stone veneer is quite mind boggling. Starting with a huge bed of slate, or other stone, fibreglass is poured onto the surface of the rock and then peeled away, brining with it a thin layer of the stones surface. The texture, or relief, is created by the fibreglass, the colour and the surface is created by peeling off the stones face.

Another natural raw material to incorporate into modern design.

buster and punch brass lock

It is so exciting to find a new raw material that can be used in our designs. For so long stone has been limited to kitchen worktops, tiles and floors. Never before have we been able to easily bring stone surfaces into furniture or interiors in such an easily accessible way. It is not heavy, it is waterproof, durable and looks fabulous on walls, bathrooms, lampshades and furniture.

Translucent stone?

Often used for making lampshades as light can penetrate the fibreglass and illuminate the stone colouring from behind! So many uses in bathrooms, behind bars and even as coffee tables! The fact the it can flex around curves and contours of walls and shapes make it undeniably "design flexible".


Find more information about both pieces shown here on our website. The gloss green drinks cabinet was a commission piece designed for a client. The slate chest of drawers is available to Buy Now in our shop.

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