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Patience and Gough Luxury fabric, Penrose Prowl in the Coral colour


Available in Recycled Velvet and Natural Linen

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Patience & Gough branding posters with Overgaard and Dyrman chairs


Artist Connection

Yevheniia Vynokurova

Our collaboration with Ukrainian artist, Yevheniia Vynokurova. Her detailed illustrations have been married with our love of traditional patterns and opulent chinoiserie to become a vibrant set of three designs—Tora, Panthera and Penrose Prowl. 2 years in the making, our ideas have finally come to fruition, taking Yevheniia's work and transforming it into repeat patterns, each painstakingly re-coloured in-house. 

Artist Yevheniia Vynokurova says of her designs, “I’ve come a very short way as an artist, but I feel the importance of my mission to create something incredible and beautiful because it makes me happy that people can smile when they look at my illustrations. Why did I choose tigers for this collection? The tiger is a symbol of energy, and strength, as well as a symbol of good luck and beauty. Inspired by Eastern mythology, I imagined the essence of these animals and by drawing the tigers I started a dialogue with myself, and with many others, for whom my tigers have become a talisman.”

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“We are immensely proud to be partnering
with Yevheniia on our first ‘Artist Connection’ project.

Patience & Gough luxury fabric


Our new Panthera patternway features beautifully illustrated tigers and traditional floral designs.

Designed by Yevheniia Vynokurova and Patience & Gough

Delicate Fabric

Available in a Recycled Velvet or 100% Linen

Patience & Gough luxury velvet, Penrose Prowl in Coral

Penrose Prowl

A whimsical take on Esher's famous never-ending stairs, this modern pattern has so much detail and features our iconic tigers. 

Designed by Yevheniia Vynokurova and Patience & Gough

Delicate Fabric

Available in a Recycled Velvet or 100% Linen

Recycled velvet by Patience & Gough


A fabulous large-scale print with oversized tigers and rose vines. 

Available in Velvet and Linen.

Designed by Yevheniia Vynokurova and Patience & Gough

Available in a Recycled Velvet or 100% Linen


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Delicate Fabric

A Whole New Collection

Recycled Velvet by Patience & Gough, Panthera - Royal
Luxury chairs by Overgaard and Dyrman with Patience and Gough velvet
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